All trainees must enrol with the JCST/SAC* via the ISCP website by completing the Core/LAT/FTSTA placement details or the Specialty Enrolment Form.

*Gold Guide (2022 edition), section 2.42-2.44, which relates to roles and responsibilities of Royal Colleges/ Faculties.

Core / LAT / FTSTA Placements

When you create a core training post, a Locum Appointment for Training (LAT) post or a Fixed Term Specialty Training Appointment (FTSTA) post, in the ISCP website it will need to be validated by your Training Programme Director (TPD). Please ensure these details are correct as the JCST will base its understanding of your training details on this.

Trainees with a National Training Number (NTN) will need to complete an enrolment form, as detailed below.

Specialty Enrolment Form

When you are appointed to a NTN post (including academic and run-through posts), you will need to enrol with your SAC. We will expect you to complete and submit a Specialty Enrolment Form on the ISCP website. Before you start your enrolment please ensure that:

  • You have all your approved training placements recorded accurately in your Training History and validated by your Training Programme Director (TPD)
  • You have paid the JCST fee for all periods of training, including Core, LAT, FTSTA and NTN posts
  • You have uploaded an up to date CV onto the ISCP website
  • Your MRCS details have been saved into your ISCP portfolio, this is not needed for ST1 and ST2 trainees who have not yet passed it
  • Those who undertook their BST in Ireland should upload their CCCST or CCBST into their ISCP portfolio
  • If you have a LAT post that could be counted towards your NTN training, please ake sure there is a fully completed ARCP covering the whole of the LAT period and we will consider whether up to 12 months can be automatically counted towards your training

Please note that if you on route for a CESR(CP) then you will need to complete a CN19 Form with your Deanery/LETB.

Once you are up to date with the above you will be able to start your enrolment form, this form will be based on the details of your first NTN placement and will need you to add:

  • Your NTN
  • Certification type - for further information on this please go here or to the GMC website.

Once you have submitted your enrolment form your Deanery/LETB will check the details on the form, and update your NTN or Certification type if necessary. They will then validate and submit the form to the JCST. If either your Deanery/LETB or the JCST do not think your form is accurate or up to date then they will reject the form back to you.

Once you are enrolled you will be emailed a confirmation of your enrolment and initial expected certification date.

Please keep the JCST informed if you undertake an Inter-Deanery Transfer (IDT). We will need to update our records accordingly, and your end of training date may need to be adjusted.

Further useful information can be found here for UK trainees.

Why enrol with your SAC?

Once you are enrolled your SAC will be able to:

  • ratify your appointment to a numbered training programme
  • verify your certificate type
  • confirm your expected certification date
  • address any applications for support of periods of out of programme or less than full time training
  • recommend you for certification to the GMC upon completion of your training