JCST Quality Indicators

The JCST, the SACs and the Core Surgical Training Advisory Committee have developed a series of Quality Indicators (QIs) to enable the quality of training placements within each surgical specialty and at core level to be assessed. The QIs will not be used to assess the achievements of individual trainees. However, they will be used to identify good and poor quality training placements, in order that appropriate action may be taken, and will be measured through the JCST trainee survey.

The finalised QIs can be accessed via the links below. The first 9 QIs are generic and are applicable to all training placements, regardless of their specialty or level. The remainder of the QIs are divided into two groups: those for all placements within each surgical specialty; and those relevant to training placements at specific levels. It is not expected that all placements will immediately be able to achieve all of the QIs and a period of ‘bedding in’ is therefore required before measurement of their achievement can begin in the medium term.

From August 2019 onwards, a set of generic Programme QIs are to be used in conjunction with the QIs for training and fellowship placements. The Programme QIs support training programme management, including educational delivery, the structure of Specialty Training Committees (STCs), support for trainees and support for trainers.

Generic QIs for all training programmes are available

A series of Frequently Asked Questions regarding the QIs are available

A series of QIs has also been developed for each of the Training Interface Group fellowships.