JCST Trainee Survey

The JCST trainee survey has been developed in conjunction with the Schools of Surgery and was introduced in November 2011. The survey is run through the ISCP website and trainees are notified through their ISCP accounts of when they should complete the survey: for trainees in 4-month placements this will be three times a year; for trainees in 6-month placements this will be twice a year; and for trainees in 12-month placements this will be once a year. It is expected that trainees will complete all relevant surveys prior to their ARCP and confirmation of completion will be part of the evidence assessed by the ARCP Panel.

Between 2011 and to 2013, there were two versions of the JCST survey: core and paediatric surgery trainees answered a series of generic questions in addition to some questions specific to their specialty and level of training; whereas all other surgical trainees answered 20 generic questions to measure the JCST QI’s (see above).

Since October 2013, all trainees, regardless of their level or specialty, answer the same survey: a maximum of 31 questions. There are also additional questions for General Surgery; less than fulltime; and academic trainees (ACFs & ACLs) to answer.

A series of Frequently Asked Questions regarding the JCST trainee survey are available here.

JCST survey annual report

Since its introduction in 2011, the JCST trainee survey has provided some valuable information about the quality of surgical training nationally. As part of its five-year strategy, the JCST intends to share this information in the form of an annual report. The first two can be found below:

First annual report for the JCST trainee survey

Second annual report for the JCST trainee survey