JCST Quality Indicators for training posts 2018/19

01 Aug 2018

The quality indicators (QIs) for training posts in all specialties, Core Surgical Training and Training Interface Group (TIG) fellowships have been updated for the start of the new training year. There has been a very minor change to generic QI 8 for all surgical training and TIG fellowship posts. Other changes are as follows:

  • Updated QI 10 for specialty training posts in Neurosurgery.
  • Updated QI 14 for specialty training posts in Otolaryngology.
  • Updated QI 10 and new QIs 16 and 17 for training posts in OMFS. There is also a new QI 18 for ST1/2 posts in the specialty.
  • Updated QIs 12, 15 and 16 and new QIs 18 and 19 for training posts in T&O. There are also updated QIs 20 for ST3/4 posts, 20 for ST5/6 posts and 20 for ST7/8 posts in the specialty.
  • Updated QI 16 for ST7 posts in Urology.

You will find the QIs for specialty and Core Surgical Training posts here. QIs for TIG fellowship posts can be found here.

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