TIG Quality Processes

Quality Indicators (QIs)

The JCST, the SACs and Training Interface Groups (TIGs) have developed a series of Quality Indicators (QIs) to enable the quality of the TIG units within each TIG fellowship to be assessed. The QIs will not be used to assess the achievements of individual fellows. However, they will be used to identify good and poor quality fellowship units, in order that appropriate action may be taken.

The QIs can be accessed via the links below. The first 9 QIs are generic and are applicable to all TIG fellowships.


Hospital Application Forms (HAFs)

Units that wish to host a TIG fellow should complete a HAF in the relevant special interest area and submit it to interface@jcst.org. The forms request information on the training opportunities, training personnel and support available. Units can be approved for up to three years and then they will need to submit a new HAF. The annual application window for new units or unit renewals is 1 October to 15 November each year, please do start planing your application well ahead of time and discussing this with your local Postgraduate Dean/Business Manager, Medical Director/Chief Executive and relevant Training Programme Directors as they will need to sign the HAF.

The HAFs can be accessed via the links below:

Lead trainers for prospective fellowship units may wish to consider using the file sharing platform Google Docs to complete the HAF. Step-by-step instructions for using this system are available here.