TIG unit applications - now open

05 Oct 2017

The JCST wishes to announce that the application process for the following Trainee Interface Group (TIG) fellowships is now open:

Breast Oncoplastic Surgery

Cleft Lip & Palate Surgery

Hand Surgery

Head & Neck Surgical Oncology

Major Trauma

Please note that the application process for the Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery fellowships will take place at a later date.

Following a JCST review of TIG processes in 2016, it was acknowledged that TIG organised visits to units would no longer take place, as the only statutory means of external visits is via the GMC or Deanery/LETB. The review also revealed the need to assess current host units and allow other units across the UK the opportunity to host TIG fellowships. Accordingly, a new Hospital Application Form (HAF) has been designed by the JCST Quality team with the assistance of the respective TIGs. The forms allow units to demonstrate their eligibility to host such prestigious fellowships in the later years of training.

The evidence required consists principally of:

1) Assurances from Trust/Board Management they are prepared to top fund the fellowships

2) Recognition from Training Programme Directors that other trainees will not have their training compromised by the presence of a fellow

3) Listing of trainers from all relevant specialties

4) Indicative weekly timetable for fellows

5) Evidence of relevant surgical workload within host units

6) Feedback from external visits e.g. Deanery/LETB, CQC, GMC etc

7) Ability to deliver the relevant curriculum.

The HAF will need to be renewed on a 3-yearly basis by approved units. It must be realised that approval of units does not guarantee the placement of a fellow but an opportunity for a fellow to be based in the unit. There will subsequently be an annual window in September only, for new units to apply for these fellowships. A redacted version of the HAF will be available to applicants as part of the national recruitment process to assist them in choosing a unit.

All current host units and those who wish to apply are strongly encouraged to do so. Completed applications must be submitted to interface@jcst.org by no later than 5pm on Friday 10th November 2017.

Completion of a HAF will be required for all TIG fellowships commencing in summer 2018 onwards. TIG fellowships will be for a variable period of 12-24 months depending on the TIG involved. All TIG fellowships are pre-certification and must be commenced prior to any previous noted certification date. If required, certification dates will be altered to reflect the end date of the fellowship.

Please note that the TIG section of the JCST website is being rewritten at the moment. Please use the curriculum and quality indicators for the TIG you are applying for as your key source of information regarding that TIG fellowship. TIG curricula are embedded into the curricula of the relevant parent specialties.