Out of Programme Experience (OOPE)

The General Medical Council (GMC) advises that time and competences gained in Out of Programme Experience posts cannot be counted towards your training and will therefore lead to an extension to your certification date.

The JCST encourages trainees to undertake time out in developing countries but would normally view this as experience not training. Time spent in a developing country* will therefore normally be treated as Out of Programme Experience (OOPE), which would not count as part of the CCT/CESR (CP). The Specialty Advisory Committees (SACs) will, however, consider a maximum of three months to count towards training if a satisfactory application for SAC support is submitted. They may also consider longer periods on a case by case basis. If you plan to have this time counted please refer to the OOPT section.

OOPE posts are undertaken by trainees who wish to enhance their knowledge of, or gain clinical experience in, different areas of practice.

Although OOPE posts are not counted towards training, you must let us know that you are taking them so that your certification date can be amended appropriately.

To go on OOPE you will need to:

  • Discuss your intention with your Training Programme Director (TPD) and gain their support
  • Contact your Deanery/LETB and ask what applications you need to make to them to gain their support
  • Send the JCST a fully completed and signed OOP Request Form confirming dates of OOPE

*Developing countries are considered to be those defined by the NHS Employers website here.

See GMC guidance here.