*Please note the information below is now historic. Current information for StR trainees is available under “UK Trainees>StR Trainees”*


When you are appointed to an NTN post (including academic and run-through posts) you will need to be enrolled with your Specialty Advisory Committee (SAC).

We will expect you to send us:

  • A fully completed RITA A Form
  • An up-to-date CV including your post history – here we expect you to record your post-GMC/IMC registration posts in mm/yyyy format. This is important as we need to check that you have the minimum amount of basic surgical training (BST) to undertake an NTN post.

If you are a CESR (CP) trainee, you will have to provide additional documentation.

Please keep the JCST informed if you undertake an Inter-Deanery/LETB transfer. We will need to update our records accordingly and your end of training date may need to be adjusted.

Why enrol with your SAC?

Without enrolling your SAC will not be able to:

  • Ratify your appointment to a numbered training programme
  • Confirm your certification date
  • Address any applications for periods of out of programme or less than full time training
  • Recommend you for certification to the GMC upon completion of your training