Updated guidance on the certification guidelines for Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgery

16 Aug 2018

Updated guidance on the T&O certification guidelines has been published. This will supersede the content of the clinical experience domain, critical conditions and indicative numbers in the 2017/18 guidelines, with all other requirements remaining unchanged. Updated waypoint checklists for ST4, ST6 and ST7 trainees have also been published. The new documents are now available on the JCST website.

This update applies to all trainees with an expected certification date from 5th August 2020. If you have a certification date before 5th August 2020, you may use the 2017/18 certification guidelines in their entirety or, if you prefer, use the updated guidance in the relevant domains. Please ensure that you agree all arrangments with your TPD ahead of your final ARCP.

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