Recruitment in Major Trauma TIG fellowship on either the Resuscitative Surgery or Major Trauma Leader pathway

08 Dec 2017

On behalf of the JCST, Health Education England is co-ordinating recruitment to Advanced Training in Major Trauma. This is a new training initiative from 2017 which will offer 5 exciting training opportunities across two different pathways.

The Resuscitative Pathway

The resuscitative pathway, which will be most suitable to general and vascular surgeons, will enhance those technical skills required to save life in the early stages of the major trauma patients hospital management.

The Major Trauma Leader Pathway

The major trauma leader pathway will be designed to develop the major trauma leader role, providing leadership in the care of the major trauma patient from the trauma room through to transfer to rehabilitation. This would be suitable for any surgeon or physician wanting to develop their major trauma leadership skills.

There will be some cross over between the two pathways which will be encouraged, as long as the primary objectives of the two defined roles continue to be met.

Applications for this post will be via the Severn Postgraduate Medical Education Recruitment Portal (Intrepid Pathway).

The interviews will be hosted at a single centre in Bristol and candidates will be able to preference the pathways and training locations.

Please refer to the resources tab for full information to assist with your application and for information about the training locations. If you require assistance with your application please email or telephone the candidate support line on 01454 252610.

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