ISCP Evaluation

Calling all ISCP Users - We want to hear what you think

The Intercollegiate Surgical Curriculum Programme (ISCP) has been fully operational now since 2007 and the first cohort of “new-style” trainees is approaching CCT. We recently commissioned a fullscale review, aiming to find out whether the planned learning opportunities, programmes, courses and activities actually produce the desired result and also to determine how we can best improve the curriculum.

You can read both the full evaluation report and an executive summary. Among the key messages are that the ISCP is an effective curriculum management system and has challenged users to think about what they do and what they value in training. It has, however, been perceived by some as being too centralised and inflexible in its approach. There is a desire for greater flexibility for local implementation, more emphasis on formative feedback within the assessment system and more emphasis on apprenticeship, mentoring and harnessing the talent and charisma of individual trainers.

The review involved a wide-ranging listening exercise and we have reflected on the messages that we received from this. The priority for us now is to engage as many of you as possible in helping us to decide what happens next. We do not want to direct or control the discussion, as it is all about what you want from the ISCP. To help initiate the discussion we have, however, distilled 10 key themes from the report and would like to hear from you about these.

Please encourage as many of your colleagues as possible to take part in the discussions. We want feedback to be as comprehensive as possible to help us to redefine surgical training. There does need to be a systematic learning programme in place, but let us know how it can best work for you. Please send your thoughts to

We aim to complete this phase of the process by the end of April 2013 with initial feedback at College meetings in summer 2013.

Bill Allum
Surgical Director, ISCP

Ian Eardley
Chair, JCST

Maria Bussey
Head of ISCP

Sallie Nicholas
Head of JCST