Out of Programme Research (OOPR)

As an Irish SpR trainee you can count up to 12 months research towards training. This research may have been undertaken before you started your NTN training.

Even if you obtain SAC prospective support for your OOP research, your certification date will be extended by the whole of the research period. It is only once your RITA panel assess it that your certification date might be amended to reflect your research period.

To go on OOP research you will need to:

  • Discuss your intention with your Training Programme Director (TPD) and gain their support
  • Contact the RCS Ireland and ask what applications you need to make to them to gain their support
  • If the time is not going to count towards training, you just need to ask the RCS Ireland to send confirmation to the JCST that this period of OOP research is not counting towards training and the exact dates (dd/mm/yyyy) of the period
  • If the time is to be counted towards training, once you have the support of your TPD you will need to make an initial application to your SAC for provisional support

When you have completed your period of research, your RITA panel will need to assess it to determine if the research met training standards and you are on track for the award of your certificate.

Applying for SAC provisional support

Before you start you will need to send the JCST:

  • A letter of support from your TPD – which needs to include:
  1. The exact dates of your research
  2. Whether the time should count towards training
  3. Confirmation that the RCS Ireland is aware of the time out of programme
  • A signed offer letter
  • Details of your research
  • Name and contact details of your research supervisor
  • Up to date CV

In addition to the above:

Neurosurgery trainees will need to submit:

  • Their current logbook listed by SAC Indicative Operation Groups

Applying for SAC support for an OOPR extension

If your research, which is counting towards training, is extended beyond the original dates set, you will need to send the JCST:

  • A letter/email of support from your TPD
  • Confirmation from the RCS Ireland that it is aware of the extension and the exact dates
  • A signed offer letter for the extension period
  • An up to date CV
  • An update report from your supervisor