Trauma & Orthopaedic Surgery - Training Programme Directors

Region  Name   
Defence Medical Services  Col D Standley   
East Midlands (North)  Mr B Ollivere  
East Midlands (South)  Miss C Wildin   
East of England  Mr P Johnston  
Ireland   Mr E Sheehan   
Kent, Surrey & Sussex (Kent)  Mr P Housden   
Kent, Surrey & Sussex (Surrey)  Mr M Solan   
Kent, Surrey & Sussex (Sussex)  Ms S Hook   
North Central & East London (Middlesex / UCH)  Mr F Haddad   
North Central & East London (Percival Potts)  Mr P Achan   
North Central & East London (Royal London)  Mr K Akhtar  
North Central & East London (Stanmore Hospital)  Prof T Briggs   
North West London (Charing Cross)  Ms J Waterman  
South London (East)  Ms D Back, Mr V Kavarthapu  
South London (West)  Mr A Trompeter  
North East  Mr S Aldridge  
North West (Mersey)  Mr C Kerin  
North West (North West)  Mr J Mehta  
Northern Ireland  Mr B Mockford   
Scotland (East – Dundee)  Mr D Campbell   
Scotland (North – Aberdeen)  Mr D Cairns  
Scotland (South East – Edinburgh)  Mr S Molyneux  
Scotland (West – Glasgow)  Mr E Crane   
South West (Peninsula)  Mr M Hockings  
South West (Severn)  Mr S Thomas  
Thames Valley  Ms J Webber   
Wales  Mr K Mohanty   
Wessex  Ms S Stapley  
West Midlands (Oswestry)  Mr N Kiely

Mr D Ford
(Regional TPD)

West Midlands (Warwick)  Ms A Chapman
West Midlands (West Midlands)  Mr K Baloch 
Yorkshire & the Humber  Mr K Wembridge