Person Specification

Cleft Lip & Palate TIG – April 2019





  • Currently holding a National Training Number within the following specialties - Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, Otolaryngology, Plastic Surgery
  • Pre certification at the start of the fellowship*
  • Pre certification (or equivalent) for the whole of the Fellowship or permission from Training Programme Director to extend training to complete the fellowship.
  • ARCP Outcome 1 awarded at most recent annual assessment
  • Eligible for registration with the GMC



  • MB BS / MB CHB or equivalent
  • MRCS
  • Intercollegiate Specialty Examination (Plastic Surgery/ OMFS / Otolaryngology)
  • Part I – acquired by interview date
  • Part II – acquired prior to taking up the post*
  • BSc (or other intercalated degree
  • MD
  • PhD

Clinical Experience

  • Four years satisfactory higher surgical training in Plastic Surgery / ENT or three years in OMFS (or equivalent) at time of taking up post
  • Demonstrated experience in cleft lip and palate surgery above standard training level

Clinical Skills

  • Good manual skills and hand / eye co-ordination
  • Experience of clinical risk management
  • Competent to work without direct supervision where appropriate
  • Clear, logical thinking showing an analytical/scientific approach
  • Experience and ability to work in multi professional teams
  • Particular skill in the field of cleft lip and palate surgery
  • Attendance at relevant courses


  • Appropriate level of clinical knowledge
  • Shows knowledge of evidence-informed practice
  • Shows awareness of own limitations
  • Demonstrates breadth of experience and awareness in and outside specialty
  • Information Technology skills
  • Attendance at non obligatory training courses

Organisation and Planning

  • Ability to prioritise clinical need
  • Ability to organise oneself and own work
  • Active involvement in audit
  • Understanding of NHS, clinical governance and resource constraints; mgmt/financial awareness exp of committee work

Teaching Skills

  • Evidence of teaching experience
  • Enthusiasm for teaching; exposure to different groups / teaching methods
  • Education qualification

Academic /

  • Evidence of research experience
  • Research experience, presentations, publications, prizes and honours
  • Paper / presentation at a national or international meeting or published in a peer review journal

Career Progression


  • Progression of career consistent with personal circumstances

Personal Skills

  • Communication and Language Skills (the ability to communicate with clarity and intelligibility in written and spoken English; ability to build rapport, listen, persuade, negotiate)
  • Decisiveness/Accountability (ability to take responsibility, show leadership, make decisions, exert appropriate authority)
  • Interpersonal Skills (see patients as people, empathise, work co-operatively with others, open and non-defensive, sense of humour)
  • Uses a Non-judgmental Approach to Patients and Colleagues regardless of their sexuality, ethnicity, disability, religious beliefs or financial status
  • Flexibility (able to change and adapt, respond to rapidly changing circumstances)
  • Resilience (able to operate under pressure, cope with setbacks, self-aware)
  • Thoroughness (is well prepared, shows self-discipline/commitment, is punctual and meets deadlines)
  • Shows Initiative/Drive/Enthusiasm (self-starter, motivated, shows curiosity, initiative)
  • Probity (displays honesty, integrity, aware of ethical dilemmas, respects confidentiality)
  • The ability to produce legible notes

Physical Requirements

  • Meets professional health requirements


* The defined date for eligibility is the start date of the post (1st November 2019)