Curriculum - Preview our plans for the new curriculum due from August 2020

10 Jun 2019

Dear ISCP user

We have released a new area of the ISCP website dedicated to providing on-going updates and guidance about the new curriculum planned for August 2020, you can find it here.

These changes have been mandated by the GMC and Academy of Medical Royal Colleges and whatever your role, trainee or trainer, it will affect you. To help with the change we will keep you up to date through various media over the coming months, letting you know what to expect and what the impact will be for you.

As well as key standards documents, you will see introductory videos, featuring some new concepts. It is important that you are familiar with these new concepts as they are at the heart of the move to an outcomes based curriculum:

(You can also watch these and a range of other videos on the JCST/ISCP YouTube channel here).

Try the demo MCR - From within your own ISCP account, you will be able to try the ‘demo’ version of the new Multiple Consultant Report assessment. You can let us know your view by using the embedded feedback button and your comments will be collated until November 2019 to help us produce the final version.

Future updates will include FAQs and previews of the curriculum content.  

Please note that this change affects those involved in surgical training but not surgical dentistry.

ISCP team