Urology - SAC Members

Name  Representing   Liaison Region 
Mr R Morley  Chair  KSS
Mr P Cornford 

Vice Chair

Scotland (East, North, South East) 
Mr M Ahmed  East Midlands 
Mr S Brown  North East 
Mr N Burgess  JCIE Chair   
Ms J Cresswell   Scotland (West)
Mr P Daly RCSI Representative Northern Ireland
Mr A Dickinson  Ex officio
Mr J Glass   Wessex
Mr C McIlhenny Thames Valley 
Mr S Griffin  Paediatric Urology Representative
Mr O Hughes  South West 
Mr T Lane  South London 
Mr G Mann   West Midlands
Mr L Forster Trainee Representative  
Mr D Summerton BAUS President  
Mr J Olsburgh  East of England 
Mr M Palmer  North Central & East London 
Mr R Parkinson  Republic of Ireland
Mr D Hodgson North West (Mersey) 
Mr D Ross  Yorkshire & Humber 
Ms J Royle  North West (North West)
Mr N Shrotri   Wales
Mr D Thomas  North West London