General Surgery - SAC Members



Liaison Region

Ms S Downey


Mr P A Davis

Vice Chair & Quality Assurance Lead

Scotland (East & North)

Mr A Farquarson

ISCP/Curriculum Lead

North West London
Mr A M Smith

Workforce Lead

Northern Ireland

Mr A Wyman

ISB Chair for General Surgery

Mr A Jah  

South West London

Mr A Hamade

eLogbook Lead

South West
Mr B Piramanayagam  

East of England

Mr B Kumar  

North West (North West)

Mr C Lewis

ASGBI (Director of Education & Training)

Ms C Murphy

Core Surgical Training Lead

Republic of Ireland

Mr D V Dellen


Scotland (South East)

Ms D Markham

BAETS Representative

East Midlands

Mr D Bowley

Military Representative

Ms G Tierney

ASGBI Representative

Thames Valley

Ms G Grant


KSS and SE London

Mr M King

Trainee (ASIT) Representative

Mr N Howes  

Scotland (West)

Mr P Nichols


North Central & East London

Prof B Irish

Lead Dean

Mr K Barry

RCSI Representative

Yorkshire & Humber

Ms R Bright-Thomas

Breast Surgery Lead Wessex

Mr R Williams

JAG Representative - Upper GI


Mr S Banerjee

JAG Representative - Lower GI

 West Midlands

Mr S G Appleton

National Selection & Simulation Lead


Mr S Maslekar


North East

Mr T Gill

  North West (Mersey Sector)