JCST TIG Processes

Following a TIG recruitment round, the Severn Postgraduate Medical Education (part of Health Education South West) will send the JCST details of those who have been appointed to the posts. This may take some time as all the appointments must be confirmed first. The JCST will then send a welcome letter to all newly-appointed fellows.

Your welcome letter will include relevant information about the fellowship, such as contact details for your Lead Trainer, and will be copied to your home Deanery/LETB, Training Programme Director (TPD), and fellowship Lead Trainer.

As the high quality of the Training Interface Group Fellowships are recognised by the SACs in the parent specialties, all TIG fellowships receive automatic provisional SAC support, which will be confirmed in a letter from your JCST Specialty Team. With this confirmation of SAC support, your Deanery/LETB will be able to apply for GMC approval for the post (if required – your Deanery/LETB or the host will need to confirm to you and the JCST if it is already GMC approved). As the TIG fellowships must be completed pre-certification if your CCT/CESR(CP)/CCST date falls within the fellowship period then your JCST Specialty Team will automatically extend your certification date to the end of the fellowship.

You will be expected to use the ISCP website for the period of your fellowship, as you would if you were in programme. The TIG Chair will need to be added as one of your Clinical Supervisors to your TIG fellowship placement on ISCP. This allows them to monitor your progress throughout your fellowship and assess whether you can be issued with a TIG completion certificate upon completion of the fellowship.

Study Leave

Application information and a claim form can be found at Severn Postgraduate Medical Education

For those who complete a TIG fellowship after 20 April 2016 there are two processes you need to be aware of as you approach the end of your TIG fellowship:

OOPT support

Once you have completed or are near the end of your fellowship your ARCP panel will assess whether the time on the fellowship can be counted towards your training, this is the same as other periods of out of programme training (OOPT).

TIG certification process

In the final month of your fellowship the TIG will assess whether you have successfully completed your fellowship and can be issued a TIG completion certificate. The TIG will use ISCP to assess this and so you will need to ensure that your ISCP website account and eLogbook are up to date as they will look at your Learning Agreement (which must be fully completed), logbook, WBAs and other evidence recorded whilst in the TIG placement. You will be notified if the TIG require any additional information in order to fully assess your fellowship.

For those who finished the fellowship before 20 April 2016 you will need to complete the old system of SAC final support and TIG certificate applications, for more information on this please contact interface@jcst.org.