Members of the Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery Training Interface Group

Name Representing
Mr P Spraggs Chair
Mr M Devlin SAC in Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
Mr D Marsh SAC in Plastic Surgery
Mr A D'Souza SAC in Otolaryngology
Ms S Downey Breast Surgeon
Dr C Bower Invited Dermatological Representative
Dr L Abercrombie Invited Oculoplastic Surgeon
Mr S Ataullah Invited Oculoplastic Surgeon
Dr A Clarke Invited Clinical Psychologist
Dr N Rumsey Invited Clinical Psychologist
Mr N Hamnett Trainee Representative 
Dr G Wright Lead Postgraduate Dean 
Mr A Fitzgerald ITOG Chair 
Ms V Fung Invited Member
Mr M Moncrieff Invited Member 
Mr M Murison Invited Member 
Mr H Peach Invited Member 
Dr J Garioch Invited Member