Otolaryngology - SAC Members

Name  Representing  Liaison Region 
Ms AL McDermott
SAC Chair  Republic of Ireland
Mr C Hall  SAC Vice-Chair, National Selection and Bootcamp lead Central, East & North London
Ms H Cocks Curriculum lead North West
Mr M Draper Quality lead  Yorkshire & Humber 
Ms L Cochrane LTFT and Cleft TIG lead  South West (Severn & Peninsula) 
Ms P Tostevin CESR, ENTUK Director of Education North East
Mr C Jennings  Head & Neck TIG lead West of Scotland
Mr S Loughran Advanced Skin TIG lead South London 
Mr C Murray Runthrough and Core lead  Wales  
Mr J Ramsden eLogbook lead East of England
Mr A Williams eLogbook lead Kent, Surrey & Sussex
Mr N Tolley Simulation lead West Midlands
Mr A Robertson Inclusion and Diversity lead  East Midlands; Thames Valley
Mr A Hilger   Wessex 
Mr J Toner   Scotland (East, North, South East)
Ms S Khwaja   TBC 
Ms Mehanna RCSI Representative Northern Ireland 
Mr R Moothy NAPDENT  
Dr J Waller Lead Dean Health Education England (HEE)  
Ms F Shelton AOT Representative  
Prof N Kumar  ENTUK President
Mr P O'Flynn ISB Chair   
Prof J Ray Academic Representative  
Dr S Vijayanand SAC Representative in Audiovestibular Medicine