Cardiothoracic Surgery - SAC Members

Name Representing
Liaison Region 
Mr T Jones Chair  
Mr S Tsui

Vice Chair

National Selection Co-Lead

Miss E Belcher   Yorkshire and Humber
Mr S Bhudia  



Mr E Bishay   London
Mr B Gadallah Trainee Representative  
Mr S Ghosh   South West
Mr J Hyde 

National Selection Lead 


Mr M Jones 
  East of England
Mr N Moorjani
SCTS President   
Ms A Kinsella RCSI Representative  
Prof M Loubani   Scotland
Mr D Mehta   London
Mr W Mohamed Trainee Representative  
Mr J Nowell Research / academic training  Republic of Ireland
Mr R Page

Northern Ireland 

Mr S Raja QA Lead Northern Ireland
Mr S Rathinam
Simulation Lead

SCTS Education Sec

Mr N Roberts SCTS Speciality Dean  
Dr P Sadler 
Lead Dean
Mr R Sayeed

JCIE Chair

Core Surgical Training Advisory Committee (CSTAC) Rep

East Midlands 
Mr K Shaikhrezai   North West / Mersey
Mr H Vohra   West Midlands
Mr S Woolley   North East